Simon St.Hubbins

Simon has no memories prior to joining the government force for which he works. He was rescued from a plane crash in a remote area of India and nursed back to health by an ancient master yogi. Simon lived with the yogi until the small village was attacked by radical militants. Everyone in the small village was killed except for Simon.

When the U.S. army arrived they found Simon and brought him to the government’s top scientists. Ever since he’s been trained in counter-intelligence, martial arts, firearms, computer science, forensics, and 12 different languages.

Today Simon battles evil-doers of every kind in hopes to find his true origin.

Bad Guy

Jon Smith (yeah right, like that’s his real name) has a dream: to be the most notorious evil-doer on the planet. Only problem is he’s not very good at what he does.

Under the code name Bad Guy, Smith has undertaken many devious plans, all of which have failed or are so insignificant that they go unnoticed by the local superhero populous.

Bad guy continues his not-yet-ready-for-prime-time antics, along with his loyal side-kick Nacho, hoping that someday he’ll be captured by a notable superhero!