Chris Hoffman, Creator/Artist of Banana Panic.

He lives with his wife Annaliesa and sons Lukas and Seth in beautiful scenic Herriman, Utah.

He have an extensive collection of comics and loves the art form. Chris worked at the now defunct Comics Utah during the early nineties, when the comic heroes had huge shoulder pads, giant guns, and hundreds of pouches on their belts. and Rob Liefeld was his hero.

Banana Panic is his first attempt at drawing a coherent story. He got the idea watching San Diego Comic-Con coverage on G4 when comic book editors told upcoming artists that they must be able to tell a story visually.

Chris loves so many different comics. To narrow it down is difficult but some of his favorites are: X-Men, The Spectre, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Milk and Cheese, Ranma 1/2, Deadpool, The Flaming Carrot, and every year around Christmas he looks forward to Paul Dini’s Jingle Belle.

An alumni of Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Chris graduated with a MBA in 2012 and B.A. in Communication in 2008. In addition to drawing He also enjoys building websites, playing guitar, making youtube videos (Napoleon Skywalker | Westminster Geico Parody | Time Traveler)

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